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Royalton Luxury Resorts – Negril

Beds & Bath - Royalton Negril

Royalton Luxury Resorts in Negril was a stop-over for me on a business trip. I spent 1 night and half a day there – here’s my experience!


Check-in was easy and hassle-free. When we arrived, the security guard on duty at the main entrance had a list of all expected guests. As soon as we identified ourselves, we were granted access to the property.

Once in and parked, a bellboy greeted us at the car, collected our luggage and guided us to the reception desk. Here, we were treated to cold towels and drinks, then directed to the check-in desk.

We made reservations beforehand, so, when we gave the receptionist our names and ID’s, we were handed our room keys (bracelet style) and given a rundown of resort activities. The bellboy then guided us to our rooms. This was about 8:30 pm.


Breakfast at Royalton's Buffet
Breakfast from the Buffet: Omelette, French Toast, Pancakes & Bacon + Green Juice

By the time I got to the room, I was too exhausted from the day’s activities to do the whole dinner dining story. Instead, I ordered in.

I loved that room service could be accessed from the TV, instead of having to pick up the phone and call. There was also no paper menu to look tattered and torn, so this integration of technology was definitely a plus. I also didn’t have to wonder if my order was received, as shortly after submitting, I received a call to confirm and provide me with a timeline for delivery.

Royalton - on screen room service
On Screen Room Service Selection

The food was filling and satisfying. It wasn’t terrible, but definitely nothing to write home about. Don’t take my word for it on this one, though, as my stay was a brief one so I did not visit all restaurants on the property. The buffet was where I had breakfast and lunch.


The room was definitely the best part of the stay for me (and not just because I’m inherently a homebody!). Entering the room, I had a “wow” moment. It was absolutely wonderful; modern, comfortable and clean.

A nice touch for me was the TV having a welcome screen with my name and a list of languages to choose from based on my needs.

The bath was right in the middle of the room, though – a little odd to see at first, but I certainly made myself right at home by filling up the tub with warm water and bathing all my troubles away!

The fix for that “bath in the middle of the room” situation was a large thick curtain in the middle of the room that could separate the bath area from the bedroom. Being by myself though, that wasn’t necessary.

Room Amenities

Royalton provided all the basics – body wash, shampoo, conditioner (2 sets – one in the shower, and one at the sink), soap, and a blow dryer. No toothpaste or lotion was provided though.

The bed was comfortable, and a Bluetooth speaker with built-in clock and alarm was placed by the bedside table. I jammed out to Youtube on this! There was also a ceiling fan as well as an adjustable A/C so, in terms of environment, I had control of that. I also had a lovely little balcony area with a table, two chairs, and a lovely view of the beach.

The room came with the regular bathrobes, bed slippers, iron, ironing board, safe and hangers, and a small tea station. I was surprised to find the mini-bar empty though. Given that I’m not a cold beverage kind of person, it wasn’t really a big deal for me, but I would have loved to have it for the experience. I also wondered why they gave me a room with 2 beds when the reservation clearly indicated one person. These were minor details that made me wonder but certainly didn’t dampen my experience.


The property wasn’t a very large one, but it was well kept, clean and functional. There was an escalator to the lobby, too, which was nice (It reminded me of Trevor Noah’s Stand up piece on escalators – hilarious!). The lobby area itself had a lovely view and was quite cosy.

In terms of the other services/resort amenities provided at Royalton, visit their site at https://www.royaltonresorts.com/royalton-negril to learn more.


Check-out was by 12 pm and the process was very simple. We paid beforehand so all we did was to return our room keys.

I unwittingly left one of my phones in the room and as soon as I presented my key to check out, I was alerted of this. I got the phone back in a few minutes and signed a small slip to confirm receipt, then was on my merry way.

Worth it?

The cost for my 1-night stay was approximately $170 USD. This included room and board, all-inclusive food and drinks, as well as the peace of mind and security of not having to worry about a single thing but getting up and getting dressed.

This was a great first experience for me so I would definitely say yes – my stay at Royalton was worth it and I would love to go back for a more fulsome experience. They have a property at Montego Bay as well so who knows – I may drop in here cause God knows that journey from Kingston to Negril is no joke – toll or no toll!

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