Wings Wednesdays at The Deck

Sign for The Deck in New Kingston
Sign for The Deck in New Kingston

Have you ever heard the Jamaican phrase “is a vibes”? If not, visit Wings Wednesdays at The Deck to see what this really means!

Disclaimer – many things can contribute to “the vibes”, most importantly, the people that you go with. All things being equal, though, Wings Wednesdays at The Deck is a chill, laid back, let down your hair kind of scene.

I went with a few coworkers one evening after work (after 6 pm). We were still in our work clothes – not dressed up or anything, and when we arrived, the place was still relatively empty.


We entered through the main area and were shown to a more dimly lit section toward the back of the establishment.

There was a young lady guarding the entrance to this section. We paid $1200 JMD each for an armband, and this small fortune gave us access to unlimited wings, fries and “stamp and go” for the night. For those younguns among us, “stamp an go” are fritters…you’re welcome.

The Food

When I arrived, I was starving – having not eaten all day, so I promptly made my way to the food. This was located in a small enclave to the right of the dining tables.

The food was arranged in a buffet style set up with the server sharing your wings into tiny paper plates.

Wings Wednesdays at The Deck - Fries and Wings

There were wings of all varieties – Fried, Jerk, Barbecue and what I will describe as Barbe-fried…not sure what it was. It wasn’t bad…the sauce just wasn’t my jam.

I took some of each on my first run and I’d suggest you do the same, just to decide which to load up on when you go again. I was served about 4 -5 wings on a paper plate, 3 or 4 fritters on another baby plate, and about a cup of fries on yet another tiny paper plate.

The fritters were a little oily, but good nonetheless. There’s not much to comment on about the fries. They were normal, regular degular fries.
The wings, however, were good (who could a really spoil wings?) and the meal, in general, was simple and fitting for a casual hang.

All you can eat?

Given my state of extreme hunger, I could swear I’d be going back for about 5 servings of wings. In reality, I went once after my initial visit, and that was enough for me. That was the general consensus among the 9 of us at the table.

After about 2 to 3 runs, we were all basically full…maybe there is something to be said for the fact that we were all women. Writing this now, I can think of a few men who would make the Deck rethink the $1200 admission price.

Liquor & Music

Liquor was mostly capped at around $300/$350. The regular Smirnoff Ice, Beer, Sorrel Beer, etc.

Gentle people, I must interject here to share my shock when mi take my brite self a order Rum Cream an hear $950!!! I promptly changed my drink order to a Smirnoff Ice!

I can’t end this experience piece without mentioning the DJ. The DJ at the deck was a real one! He really built a great vibe playing R&B from the early 2000’s – Irreplaceable, My Boo, etc. He got us grooving and singing along as he played hit after hit. This, for me, was the best part of the evening!

By around 7/7:30, we were looking to leave. At this time, the spot got a little more packed, with more people coming in even as we left.

Experience Points

Overall, Wings Wednesdays at The Deck had a good vibe. Good food, great energy, and great music.

-DJ (Great music selections)


-All YOU can eat


-The music was a bit loud. I felt I had to be shouting or listening really closely for any real communication to take place.

-No vegetarian/vegan options

-$950 Rum Cream…Sorry, I just had to put this

Find The Deck

Address: 14 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5 – Across the road from the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston (Look out for the sign).

Find them on Facebook & Instagram: https://m.facebook.com/TheDeckJa/ ;

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