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Jamaican Driver’s License Application Form

As with most important documents, an official application form must be submitted to support your request for a Jamaican Driver’s License. This form is quite straightforward, but overlooking a few simple things can cause delays in your application process. Read on for a step by step guide for completing this form.

First off, you need to obtain the form, though. You have a few options here:

Completing the Form

The Application form has three pages:The top section of Page 1 must be completed by the same official who completes page 2. Do not sign the area in this section that says “Signature of Applicant”, until in the presence of this official. The rest of this page should be completed by you, and requires some personal information, as well as honest answers to a few pertinent questions about any previous license applications or licenses that you may have.

Page 1 – General Driver’s License Application Form

Page 2 is completed by a JP, Inspector or Sub Inspector of Police from your. This is where they attest to your character. They are required to sign and stamp the form, indicate how long they have known you, and to provide identifying information for themself, such as their address.

Page 2 of Jamaican Driver’s License Application Form – to be Completed by JP/Inspector of Police/Sub-Inspector of Police from your area

Page 3 is to be completed, signed and stamped by a medical doctor, and is a statement of your general health and vision. Note that many doctors charge a special fee for completing these documents, so

Page 3 – Medical Certificate – To be completed, signed and stamped by Medical Doctor

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