Jamaican Patwa Quiz – Can YOU Pass It?

How well can you chat Patwa? Find out with our Jamaican Patwa Quiz!

You are waiting for transportation and a vehicle approaches. The driver says:
"Is a robot mi a work enuh. Ya come?"

What is the most appropriate response in this situation?
You overhear the following conversation:
"Da gyal deh a eediat. She nuh see seh di man have two ooman a breed aready?"

What does this mean?
You witness a man fall badly. How might you describe this in Patwa?
Who/What is a "pickney"?
How would you ask this question in Jamaican creole?

What will the children eat for dinner?
You are faced with a bad situation that you just want to be over.
Which is the most appropriate expression?
You are at a dance and someone asks for a "money pull up". Where are you, and what is being requested?
"Dem deh"
What two things can this phrase mean?
You are indicating that something belongs to you.
Which of these is the correct statement in Patwa?
The Jamaican words for boy and girl (Bwoi/Gyal) can be perceived as derogatory in the following situations:

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