Driving Test Prep: Mechanical Test

Driving Test Prep: The Mechanical Test

1. Choose which of the following would make the engine difficult to start:
2. What would you suspect if you noticed thick black smoke coming from the exhaust of your engine?
3. Select the most likely causes of overheating:
4. How are the valves positioned in a four-stroke single cylinder engine on the Compression Stroke?
5. The prime function of the gear box is to ___________________.
6. How do the engine's pistons move?
7. Your new question!
8. Which of these statements is correct?
a. The piston operates the valves
b. The camshaft drives the crankshaft
c. The crankshaft drives the piston
d. The crankshaft drives the camshaft
9. Brake shoe adjustments are usually located:
10. The main use of the carburetter is to:
11. When one of the cylinders is faulty, an engine is said to be ___________.
12. What can cause overheating?
13. The air cleaner is fitted to the _____ _______.
14. What is the purpose of the generator?
15. You are driving along at about 40 mph and a battery wire becomes disconnected. What is most likely to happen?
16. Loss of brake pedal pressure can indicate a ______________.
17. Where is the condenser usually located?
18. What closes the valves of a four stroke single cylinder petrol engine?
19. If the tailpipe of your vehicle became blocked, there would be a ____________.
20. What is the use of the rotor brush?

This tool is called a ___________ and would be used to ____________.
22. What are some of the most likely causes of flooding in the carburetter?
23. At what point is petrol mixed with air before being drawn into the engine?
24. Which of these could be fitted on a diesel engine?
25. You find that the rear wheels only are binding. The most likely cause of this is:
26. What tools are usually used to adjust the distributor points?
27. The ________________ drives the mechanical fuel pump.
28. The ______________ changes the movements of the pistons to rotary motion.
29. The __________ creates momentum in a four stroke petrol engine.
30. Where are the water jackets located?
31. What is used to indicate the oil pump pressure? (more than one answer may apply)

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  1. I keep scoring 90% and I’m not sure where I’m going Wrong.. Plz provide a response for all questions..

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