The Jamaican Road Code Test

Test your knowledge of the Jamaican Roade Code with the Driving Test Prep: Jamaican Road Code!

Can YOU pass it?

1. What is the name for a two-way road divided by a strip of land in the middle?
2. You have just overtaken a vehicle. What should you do before rejoining the lane?
3. If a road is divided into three lanes, when do you use the centre lane?
4. What does a broken white line in the middle of the road mean?
5. Who has the right of way on a hill?
6. What is the first rule on the road?
7. How far should you travel behind an emergency vehicle?
8. What are the speed limits to be observed by motor cars?
9. Which of the below can cause a skid?
10. Should a driver yield the right of way if a pedestrian enters the crossing?
11. Which road users should you extend most consideration to?
12. In which of these scenarios should you not overtake?
13. Between no-parking signs; Before a fire hydrant; within 12 meters (40 feet) of a road junction; on the brow of a hill; before a private entrance, at a pedestrian crossing; at a bus stop; where the road narrows; on a bridge or underpass; on a corner, or immediately opposite a parked vehicle (double parking), on a main road carrying fast-moving traffic.

All of the above are examples of:
14. What is a slip road?
15. What is a filter light?
16. If there is a crossing with no police, traffic lights, or signs, who has the right of way?
17. What does an unbroken white line in the middle of the road mean?
18. Who has the right of way at a roundabout?
19. When should you make use of the right of way?
20. What is a dead end road called?

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